Why top Brands love Custom VR Cardboards for their business promotions

Virtual reality is the most innovative way of promoting company brands in the promotional industry whereby marketers utilize VR Glasses to achieve this and are looking for more ways to maximize its benefits. Large companies and top brands without a doubt prefer this technology rather than using the customary ones. There are numerous ways why top brands exploit VR glasses to promote their brands and company. Basically, they adapted the VR Glasses to promote their product qualities, features, attributes, benefits and functionality. It’s been used by New York Times, Mercedes, McDonalds, Samsung, Volvo, Patron, and a lot more.

Some uses this to showcase the different amenities they have like those in the industry of hotel and restaurant. Manufacturers prefer using this to tell stories on how their products are made or use this to inform and convey a message to their customers simply to make them aware, well informed and happy when they buy their products. There are also organizations and company that uses this to make known their goals and mission. To cite a few companies who chose Branded VR Cardboard; New York Times used this to augment and add more experience to their readers by means of storytelling. A popular TV series “Games of Thrones” practically adapted the use of Custom Google Cardboard and immersed their viewers in a much better viewing experience adding some pop up events to make it more fun and lively.



Truly, the use of Custom VR Headset has come a long way from the 70’s to the modern present day. Back then using virtual reality didn’t catch too much attention at all probably due to lack of mediums like smartphones. However, the use of virtual reality is now incorporated through the use of Branded Google Cardboard and smartphone making it the most explosive and effective arsenal for promotions. This not only serves as a vehicle to convey a message but also a tour to a company’s character. Technically without them, the virtual reality experience wouldn’t be a possibility.

Promotional VR Glasses are not that quite expensive as a matter of fact it is very cheap!  The sum of benefits outweighs the cons. Exposure, Experience, Enjoyment, Enlightenment are four key factors that will make your marketing campaign a success. This is the primary reason why top brands love Custom VR Cardboards for their promotions.

There are now many models of Google Cardboard Giveaway to choose from. It is also less expensive than the plastic models. Some have different features like adjustable lenses or Bluetooth.  Some are flat and folded like an envelope for easy distribution and looks great with 4 color process printing which the customers would really love to see.

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