What does that mean for promotional product industry when Apple cancelled the Audio Jack from their iPhones?

What could have been the real reason why Apple removed the headphone jack at their iPhones? Apple has been widely recognized as a prominent brand. Through the years they dominated the industry of portable gadgets and even computers. Over the course of time, the evolution of their gadgets has been really remarkable. Today they are the leading brand for smart phones and this is no secret to us all.

Apple has been very successful on their iPhones mainly because each innovation they have on their phones are based on the solution to the problems gathered from their genius bar. The genius bar records the real scenario problems encountered by their customers. The second most issue that people experience is when their iPhones get wet and so they developed an iPhone which is resistant to water. It was a big issue for them because of the headphone jack. We all know that water and electricity doesn’t mix together and that hole is what is preventing them to innovate. It is not and cannot be guaranteed to make the headphone jack water resistant as it is impossible over the course of time and so, the question was how to make the smart phone water resistant? After carefully examining the pros and cons of using a headphone jack, they come up with a simple solution of removing it.

The removal of 3.5 mm Audio Jack from iPhone 7 and 7 plus showed Apple final decision to end the traditional audio solution of decades. Although Apple offers an adapter to allow the user to continue to use their old wired earphones with the new iPhones’ lightning jack, everyone in the industry understand that the wired earphone is losing its domination on the market that was millions sold every month in past decades.  Apple knows that the future is about being wireless. The Wireless Audio Solution–Bluetooth Earphones, Headsets are now taking over. The promotional product industry is looking for the affordable Bluetooth versions as replacements and so, the Promotional Bluetooth Headphones have become the new trend in promotional product industry.



Evidently, people would keep on buying iPhones and they will need a wireless or Bluetooth headsets for this. Smartphones has become a lifestyle status symbol and not only that, since Apple is using a close system to sync data through their gadgets, it is imperative that the demand for iPhone 7 and 7s will likely grow. The need for a Promotional Bluetooth Headset would surely propel as well.  A wise Marketer and Advertiser will use this opportunity to gain exposure of their logo and company name.  Just imagine hundreds of thousand people demanding for a cheaper Promotional Bluetooth Earbuds or Branded Bluetooth Earphones; surely this is something you wouldn’t want to miss out. C2BPromo.com carries a range of wireless and Bluetooth speakers that is suitable for an iPhone7 and 7s. Branded Bluetooth Headphones line is one of its bestselling tech gadgets they have. There may be some who offers the same item but none would offer the product similar to the price C2BPromo.com is offering. Better take a look and get the chance to save up to 58% on your promotional budget.