How To Use Promotional Headphones To Boost Your Brand Image?

The first headphones were the heavy, high-performance type of the Hi-Fi stereo age. This offered exceptional sound if you didn’t mind having your vertebrae compressed by their heavy weight. Next came the lightweight, sponge-covered headphones of the Walkman era. The sound was low sometimes, especially in the bass range, but they were lightweight, portable and comfortable.

Both types of headphones still exist today, although the high-performance models are now, thankfully, much lighter, and they’ve been accompanied by earbuds and even a new generation of Bluetooth headphones. You’ll still sacrifice sound quality for portability, but you’ll find comfort and performance in a wide array of headphones.

There are basically four styles of headphones: Earbuds, canal phones, on-ear and full-sized. Earbuds are the cheapest option, and they are mostly packed with your Android and iPhone. These headphones fit over the outside of the ear canal without going inside the actual ear canal. They’re comfortable and lightweight, but the tiny speakers aren’t known for good sound reproduction. Frequency response is particularly poor in the bass ranges.

Canal phones cancel outside noise by fitting directly in your ear canals. Since the size of the ear canal can vary from person to person, these headphones often come with multiple sleeve sizes that help create a custom fit to your ear. Sound reproduction is better than earbuds, but care must be taken not to use these headphones in situations when you need to be aware of ambient sounds, such as when you’re running or riding a bike.

Promotional Headphones are a great way to promote your company logo on this product. As these products are used by around 7.5 billion people around the globe and every one use headphones all the time whether they are jogging in the park or relaxing in the room while listening to their favorite song.

Promotional headphones come in so many color options and if we specifically talk about the color option then Custom Bluetooth Headphones focuses female audience designs and feminine color like red, pink, baby pink help in targeting them easily. Your female audience will love to have your product and will specifically recommend the product to their friends and within other social circles.

Apart from female centering products, capitalizing on new technology product is a wise decision a company can make. A customized Bluetooth headphone for company promotions can make a lot of difference in brand promotions. Tech savvy younger generation can be targeted with the Custom Bluetooth headphones with company logo imprint on them in an attractive manner. Funky designs and vast color options available make these products unique and hit among people.

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