Fidget Spinner, a Real Deal in the Promotional Products Industry

For the past few months after the release of Fidget Spinner, it created a wave that nobody thought would be this big. This bearing-based toy became a trend so fast from which different style, looks, make and size emerged all of sudden.

To my surprise this Fidget Spinner cost from as low as $3 – $600 to perhaps may even reach to a thousand. Some have even customized it to make it quieter and spin at a longer duration.

Truly, everywhere you look you’d see someone playing with Fidget Spinners. This has captured the youth’s attention but on the other side had also captured the teacher and schools attention to a point where at some Fidget Spinners are being banned.

To a teachers point of view these Fidget Spinners are just a cause of disturbance. Nothing more is important to a teacher but to get the full attention of their students. According to some teachers, the noise generated by this small gadget leads to head turning movements from those without thus interrupting their attention.

Children and teens became totally obsessed about these new fad toys performing tricks and acrobats to their full satisfaction…the fact that it’s new makes it more interesting and when more yields to its popularity the more it becomes a norm.

However, this toy isn’t just a toy for those diagnosed with ADHD, though not yet proven but might pose some good benefits to them. In a study conducted in 2015 by Julie Schweitzer, director of the Attention, Impulsivity and Regulation program at the UC Davis MIND Institute, physical activity was linked to higher focus for children with ADHD but not children without it. It was correlated that children diagnosed with ADHD performs better and accurate when fidgeting intensely.Promotional Fidget Spinner | Logo Fidget Spinner | Custom Fidget Spinner

To some students they say that using fidget Spinner makes them calm and focus. And so to some schools Fidget Spinners are supported and even used as a promotional gift.  Custom Fidget Spinner isn’t totally a bad idea after all but according to Julie Schweitzer Fidget Spinner shouldn’t be given a free pass in classroom unless proven to cure or help people with anxiety disorders. However, these are choices backed by rules of what is allowed and what is not from a private entity.

The real problem with Fidget Spinner is not typically those who use it or the gadget itself, the problem is when it becomes disruptive of other people’s attention; when it becomes an attention grabber and not a helper. Yet it can also be argued that to keep someone still and deprive him of such movements that unconsciously he makes to keep him alert and responsive is much more of a problem. Until such study can be made we can never be sure of what is right or what is wrong.

Toys help kids develop their life skills such as problem solving, creativity, resourcefulness and social interaction. It empowers them to envision things unlimitedly and by playing they help nourish their bodies and mind. It is important that even if Fidget Spinner is just considered a toy it cannot be denied that it still brings positive benefits to a person.

Considering the effects and possible benefits it gives, the height of its popularity at its peak. Demand for such gadget is greatly moving higher than the supply. This is the best opportunity for those companies to use it as their leverage. Promotional Fidget Spinner or Logo Fidget Spinner can also be a help to those companies who wishes for more exposure.

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